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The Millenia Method


All candidates in the Millenia Medical Staffing system are rigorously vetted and screened so that we may present only the best travel nurses and allied health professionals to our clients. Millenia Medical Staffing (MMS) has detailed Quality Review Procedures in place to ensure our travelers are keep current in all areas deemed vital to not only Joint Commission, but our clients as well. We perform monthly internal audits of all active files, and review each to identify:

  • Current skills checklist
  • Core competency testing
  • Drug screens
  • Background checks
  • Joint Commission Compliance
  • Patient Safety Goals
  • Universal Precautions
  • PPD
  • Annual Millenia Skill Evaluations
  • And many other documents

Read More About our Screening and Credentialing Process Here


Our client’s needs must be addressed quickly, and we use advanced methods to match the right candidate with the right opportunity. Candidate profiles in our system can be searched or filtered on hundreds of fields, so our search can be drilled-down to incredibly specific detail. Need an CVICU BSN RN with 10+ years of experience in a Level 1 Trauma Center that carries a compact license, is a military veteran, VetPro Credentialed, works nights, is available YESTERDAY, wants to move to Arkansas, and has the nickname “Cookie”? Search Complete! We also have the amazing ability to Reverse Query a candidate’s skill set, and find a match with our client’s open positions! When awesome candidates walk in the door, we give our hospital clients every opportunity to present their opportunities immediately, and fill openings faster.


Getting a new staff member, especially one on a short-term contract, activated and acclimated to your hospital’s system QUICKLY is vital to the clinical unit’s success and to the success of the candidate. Millenia Medical Staffing has a detailed onboarding process that adjusts to every employer’s protocol, and guarantees to give each new hire the best opportunity to settle in to the team quickly and effectively. Our highly skilled and experienced support team will help orient the travel nurse to your hospital standards regarding: chain of command, required documentation, ID and credentials, location and time of shifts, uniform requirements, and much more.


In addition to monthly audits, our software alerts our administrative dept of any documentation that is expiring within 30 days so it may be addressed immediately and kept compliant. Your travel nursing staff can avoid downtime and keep your clinic running smoothly without unnecessary interruption caused by expired credentials.


We take great pride in the service we provide to our clients, and your staffing team will immediately recognize the Millenia difference! We never abandon our client or our travel staff after hire. There are consistent quality and service contacts with everyone involved to make sure the Travel Nurse, the Hiring Manager, and the Staffing Coordinators are all pleased with the placement.


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